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March 21, 2006

Interview on MarketWatch

Frank Barnako of MarketWatch interviewed me on the occasion of the hardcover edition of hackoff.com shipping.  The interview is more wide-ranging than just the book, though.  It covers some of my early history and also whether we are now in Bubble 2.0.

Audio of the interview is available here and an article drawn from the interview is here.  the interview will also play on CBS radio stations but the time varies by station so I don't know when.

Interestingly, Frank said he wanted to do the interview on Skype "in order to get good quality."  It wasn't long ago that the rap on VoIP was poor quality.  Now it's the PSTN (legacy phone system) that's not good enough.  The audio quality's not perfect, though.  I was wearing my second best mike for reasons not worth going into.  Too many "uhs" as well but tough to blame that on the equipment.  Just haven't done a live interview in a while.

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