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VCs Follow Entrepreneurs


Both Brad Feld and Fred Wilson have recent posts on their blogs about the availability of a Google CSE for the Venture Capital Network of blogs.  It’s a good idea.  Not to boast but this capability has been available for My Way, The Entrepreneur’s Network since last November.  To use it you either go to the top of the left sidebar of Fractals of Change (you can do it by clicking the “search blog” link at the bottom of each post if you read the blog with a feedreader or in email) or you go to the custom landing page for My Way.

Of course entrepreneurs have to be over-achievers so we also have a little more functionality in OUR search: not only can you use it to search all the blogs in My Way, you can also choose to use it to search blogs which My Way bloggers think are a good extension to the topics covered in My Way.  Just use the radio buttons to decide which kind of search you want.

Note to blogger nerds: We entrepreneurs believe in groovy stuff like open source. Maybe you want to create an option of searching not just your blog or website but some other relevant collections of websites. If that’s the case, you are welcome to the snippet of HTML  I put in the template for my sidebar to implement this feature. The trick was to use a table of radio buttons where the value associated with each radio button is the ID of a different Google CSE. You’ll want to put the IDs of your own CSEs in, of course.  Also note that this code is slightly TypePad specific but I don’t think you’ll have any problem modifying it for whatever blog platform you use.

Full disclosure:  I have copied innumerable features from Fred’s and Brad’s blogs. That’s why I’m delighted to have been ahead of them in this case (not that entrepreneurs and VCs are competitive, of course).


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