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25 posts from March 2007

March 20, 2007

Morph of a Nerd CEO – How Hard Will You Work?

Nerds are used to long hours.  But the long hours you spent getting a program to work are nothing like the hours you’ll have to put in if you start a company and have employees. More...

March 19, 2007

Vermont Legislature Advances E-State Initiative, Next Step Natural Resources

H.248, the bill which can make Vermont the nation’s first e-state, took a signifi More...

March 16, 2007

More on Frequency Regulation – It Matters

Spent the morning immersed in FCC filings on the subject of some of the frequencies which will be freed up in 2009 by the switch to digital TV- 76 to 88 MHz, 174 to 216 MHz, 470 to More...

March 15, 2007

Treatment monitoring and thermometry for therapeutic focused ultrasound

If the title above doesn’t sound like it belongs on Fractals of Change, that’s because it’s from a More...

March 14, 2007

Internet Alternatives: A Good Beginning

The big Internet news yesterday was almost ignored in all the hullabaloo about Viacom suing GooTube. A coalition of Microsoft, Google, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Phillips have More...

March 13, 2007

E-State Speech at F2C, YouTube

These are video clips from Vermont Governor Jim Douglas's talk at David Isenberg's F2C conference last week.  More clips from other speakers are available.


March 10, 2007

Preparing for Daylight Savings Time in Vermont


March 09, 2007

You’re The People Whisperer

Mary’s training a puppy.  She’s taking the job very seriously and doing i More...

March 08, 2007

Skype Prime is the Wave of the Future

Just announced Skype Prime allows yo More...

March 07, 2007

Time of Day Electric Pricing Made Me Choose Solar Over Wind

We’ve been debating whether to get alternative energy from solar panels or a windmill.  We’re already on the electric grid so the purpose is to reduce our fossil fuel use and to More...

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