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Amazon Shorts Restricted To USA

Loyal hackoff.com reader Allan tried to download “The Interpreter’s Tale” from Amazon and promptly ran into and commented on a restriction I didn’t know about: you have to have a US shipping address to purchase Amazon Shorts even though all fulfillment is online!

I asked my contact at Amazon about this and it’s true. The reason is that Amazon thinks it might be guilty of not collecting VAT in some countries and so has taken the broadbrush approach of restricting downloads to those it has good reason to believe are in the US. They do promise me that they are looking for alternative ways to deliver to readers outside the US.

This is a particularly serious issue for Shorts authors because we sign up for six months exclusivity (minimum) in order to get this distribution. It’s not a good thing (to say the least) if that means our works are only available in the US. Hopefully Amazon will have a solution soon.


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Peter Orosz

The address form is indeed restrictive, but remarkably inaccurate. I supplied my PayPal billing address (which is in Hungary), and assigned it a random US state. Nevada, I think. Worked like a charm.


Amazon has long had geographic restrictions. A lot of computer items for instance cannot be purchased and shipped to Canadian buyers.

Given the promises of Free Trade that have been bandied about for the last couple of decades it's all quite annoying.

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