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Going Sailing


Going be in the Sea of Cortez where cell coverage is rumored to be sparse. Can’t quite go cold turkey on communications so I rented an Iridium satellite phone that should work almost everywhere outside. DIDN’T get the data attachment, though. Too slow and too expensive so I’m gonna have to live offline – scary.

Even a phone needs peripherals. Pictured above are an AC charger, a DC (cigarette lighter) charger, a remote mounted antenna so we can talk from below decks, an extra battery, a carrying case for all of this, and a soft folding solar charger. Of course should be able to charge from DC on the boat but always need a plan B. Besides, running down the batteries on a sailboat gets me nervous and running the engine seems contrary.

The solar charger puts out .6 amps at 15.4 volts so should be able to charge any cell phones that do work, cameras, iPods etc. assuming we have DC adapters for them. Don’t think there’s enough amps here for my PC and I’m pretty sure it won’t be able to drive the inverter I use for devices that we don’t have DC adapters for (will try, though).

Sat phone is NOT a low cost way to communicate. The phone itself is only $24.95/week to rent but airtime minutes (in and out) are $1.59 each even in prepaid nonrefundable bundles of sixty. Voice mail is extra. People can call you for a cost of a call to Arizona (cost to them – you’re still going to pay the airtime).

Good news is that inbound text messages are free and outbound “only” $.59 for 160 characters or less.

Got it all from satellitephonestore.com who called to correct the mistakes I made in ordering and delivered on time as promised.


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All Road Sat

As technology has improved, prices have come down. You can rent a Globalstar phone beginning at $19.99 per week & from .99 cents per minute. Incoming calls and voicemail are free. If you ever need to rent a satellite phone again, give All Road Sat a call

Elizabeth Dwoskin

oop! I cannot rell from the interface whther my email address came through. I'm going to retype it here: esd2002@columbia.edu

Thanks very much! I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing some of your fascinating stories.



Elizabeth Dwoskin

Hi Mr. Evslin: I a master's candidate at Columbia University writing a paper about the growth of the telecomm industry in emerging markets. I'd like to interview you for my project because of your extensive knowledge of the field. My email address is esd2002@columbia.edu. If you would get back to me at your soonest convenience , I would greatly appreciate it as my paper is coming due shortly.


Elizabeth Dwoskin

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