Fractals of Change: February 2005

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20 posts from February 2005

February 28, 2005

The Louisiana Purchase in Great Detail

In 1803 the Louisiana purchase doubled the size of the United States for $15,000,000 paid to France. The western boundary leaped from the Mississippi to the Pacific. More...

February 25, 2005

There Won’t be Vertical Search Engines!

“Vertical search engine” is an oxymoron.  Nevertheless, a new report from More...

February 24, 2005

The Search Bee

It  is obviously crucial that education adapt to change.  The search bee should replace the spelling bee.More...

February 23, 2005

The Flattening of Almost Everything #2: Information Retrieval

The WorldWideWeb is where Moore’s Law met Metcalfe’s Law.  Information management – the way we find out what we want to know – went from hierarchical to flat in just a few years More...

February 22, 2005

Venture Capital – An Entrepreneur’s View (continued)

For many entrepreneurs, there will be a right time for an investment by venture capitalists (VCs).  Here are some lessons I learned about when venture capital is the right answer More...

February 21, 2005

Venture Capital – An Entrepreneur’s View

For those of us who start a new company rather than look for a new job, it’s important to understand venture capital and venture capitalists.  One of the best ways to understand More...

February 18, 2005

The Flattening of Almost Everything #1: Organizations

We used to need hierarchies because we had only primitive communication and information processing capability.  Computers, electronic communication, and particularly the Internet More...

February 17, 2005

Complex Ecosystems and the End of the Dinosaurs

I have a theory about why the dinosaurs disappeared:  basically, it’s because they were too successful for too long.  I know a big com More...

February 16, 2005

Network Ad Lib – Wi-Fi and 1xEVDO

When we first moved to our house in rural Vermont, we couldn’t get broadband access in any of the ways we are used to.  Our house is behind a SLIC so no DSL.More...

February 15, 2005

How the Telecom Mega-Mergers Might Make Sense (but probably don’t)

Yesterday morning my friend Fred Wilson, super-VC and super-blogger (A VC, naturally), performed the difficult fea More...

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