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March 28, 2005

Antique Blogs – The Introduction

Back when 300 baud modems were the latest accessory for Tandy personal computers, I was already ranting.  Since the Internet was still in its DARPA-sponsored infancy and the Web wasn’t even a dream, my rants were for publication in weekly newspapers throughout Vermont, and I made tapes of them which some local radio stations played.  Mary says that ranting publicly, no matter what the technology, dampens my ranting at home.

Most of these old rants are too badly dated to ever be resurrected.  For example, in one, I breathlessly explain that some businesses have “facsimile transmitters which look like copiers” as an example of communication conquering distance.  Others are sort of fun.

Since we travel frequently and sometimes beyond even modern communication, I’ve retyped some of these antique blogs (they only exist on paper, they’re that old) for automatic release by Typepad when I don’t get online in time to replace them with something current.  I hope you enjoy them.

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