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April 20, 2005

VON Canada

Andy Abramson points out, correctly, that not much hard news is coming out of VON Canada.  SkypeJournal is doing a good job covering, however.

Skype is the talk of the show and the talk by Skype founder and CEO Niklas Zennstrom was well-attended.  He showed the high adoption rate of Skype and SkypeOut, talked about open APIs, treating customers well, no to regulating VoIP, yes to regulating the traditional carriers (some sign that he may be worried about Skype-blocking; the traditional carriers should be worried about Skype), the need to be honest about what E911 can and can't do and to extend beyond traditional 911 services.  In other words, not much new.  Nevertheless, all eyes there at least and I expect in much of the telephony world are deservedly on Skype.  More blogging by me on them to follow.

The slides from my presentation at VON Canada are available Download von_toronto.ppt .  Lots of opinion but no hard news from me either.

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