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April 13, 2005

Wakeup Call


A working link is http://www.usa.att.com/callvantage/index.jsp?soac=76993.  That’s snappy.  Of course, you can navigate down from www.att.com to find the service as well.

[note:  After I logged the post below, the url started working as you would expect it to and took users directly to the CallVantage pages on AT&T's website.  Several commenters pointed that out.  Not sure why it wasn't working in the morning or what got it working again.]

I was looking for a link to AT&T’s VoIP Service, AT&T CallVantage and tried www.callvantage.com.  Hard to believe that AT&T marketing (and its competitors) are so fast asleep that I got the result below.  Maybe it means that the days of cyber-squatting are over.

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