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July 12, 2005

Podcasts on PulverRadio

A surprising number of you are apparently listening to podcasts of this blog produced with PulverRadio.  I’m about to resume podcasting with PulverRadio after a short hiatus caused by technical problems.  New podcasts should be available soon.

Meanwhile, it is now easier to find both new and old podcasts of Fractals of Change.  If you use your browser to read the blog, you will find a list of current podcasts on top of the right hand column (sorry Google, you got pushed down the page).  You will also find an XML subscribe button for podcasts just a little way down the left hand column if you want to subscribe to an XML feed and be notified or get an authomatic download to your MP3 player for each new podcast.

If you never see the blog itself because you use an RSS reader, you can get a feed of the podcasts separate from the blog feed you are reading now.  http://feeds.feedburner.com/VonRadio-TomEvslin is the link for that.

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