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August 13, 2005

Testing More Changes

I’ve made a cluster of new changes to Fractals of Change and this post is a test to see both whether they work in production and whether anyone notices them.  Feel free to comment below if you’ve spotted the changes and on whether you like them or not.

Hint:  the changes SHOULD be visible whether you are looking at my actual blogsite or using a feedreader (or looking at some other blog which republishes my posts).

Note to newbies:  I’ll describe the use of these changes as a followup to my self guided blog tour which is here.

Note to blogger nerds:  I’ll soon post what I did to make these changes as well as the technique for linking to areas in your sidebars.  In making these new changes, I also cleaned up redundant code in the prior blog changes which I described here.  I’ve been feeling bad about the sloppiness.

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