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August 02, 2005

Testing My Changes

There was no post yesterday because I reverted to my original career as a nerd from my fourth career as an author.  For the last thirty-six hours I have been writing code to make my blog more useful (with help from both TypePad and del.icio.us).

Naturally, I have been testing with a test blog and not with Fractals of Change itself.  Those tests worked finally so now we go into production.

As every nerd knows, the first production use of new code is really a test.  I hope you'll be able to see this post but who knows.  I've also left myself a way to back out the changes but who knows whether that'll work until I try it at which point it'll be too late to find out that it doesn't.

After I shower and reintroduce myself to Mary, I'll blog about the changes I made.  Meanwhile have fun looking for them and feel free to Comment if you like them/don't like them/are having problems because of them.

Hint (for nerds only): if you subscribe to the Atom feed of the blog you WON'T see any changes.  I'm working on that.

UPDATE:  The Atom feed should be upgraded as well.  This repost is a test of that.

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