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November 10, 2005

Voting with digg and

Ideas need attention to turn into action.  We’re deluged with ideas; we don’t have enough time to read them all let alone act on them.


Open Letter to FCC Chairman Martin on Preparing for the Next Disaster

In the days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding area, the news showed the agony of friends and families trying to reach evacuees and of families desperately seeking lost members from shelter to shel More...

November 08, 2005

Public Company – The Prequel

During Bubble 1.0, the big money was made and lost by going public.  Bubble 2.0 is a little more rational so far.  Early stage compani More...

November 06, 2005

Don’t Buy DSL From This Man (If You Can Help It)

Ed Whitacre is CEO of SBC, the huge local telecom monopoly which is about to swallow AT&T.  The excitement of the progeny buying the former parent may be going to his head.More...

Signed Edition

If you preorder my novel an historic murder mystery set in the Internet bubble and rubble from Amazon, we'll fufill that preorder with a personally signed copy once the book is available in print.  Publisher dotHill Press figur More...

November 04, 2005

Three New Editions of



November 02, 2005

Bubble 2.0 – Why Walls Come Down

Yahoo and Microsoft are combining their instant messaging (IM) networks.  At long last, users of each of these networks will be able to chat by text AND VOICE with users on the o More...

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