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January 21, 2006

Did You Come Here from Freakonomics?

If so, you probably mean to be at hackoff.com - the website from which you can read or listen free to the podcasts of hackoff.com: an historic murder mystery set in the Internet bubble and rubble.  But you may enjoy this site as well and are welcome here - it's non-fiction but does talk about economics - freaky or otherwise, bubbles, and business.

If you are a regular reader of this blog and are mystified by this post: it's here because Freakonomics author Stephen Levitt blogged about a friend who had received an email from Amazon saying that those who purchased Freakonomics also purchased hackoff.com and suggesting that the friend do likewise.  Levitt seemed somewhat offended that Freakonomics is being associated with a not-yet-best-seller by a first-time author which is self-published.  He would rather be associated with Blink or The World is Flat.  But he was kind enough to link here although I think he meant to link to www.hackoff.com.

We didn't pay Amazon for this promotion so apparently there is some correlation.  I don't know any more about it than that.  However, this is a good example of what Chris Anderson blogs about in the Long Tale where user-derived linkage from established works creates opportunity for not-yet-established works.

Levitt also speculates that making hackoff.com available free online hurts sales.  I don't think so although I have no way to run a controlled experiment.  I think online readers both become offline readers AND influence other people.  That's what our experience seems to say.

BTW, if you like hackoff.com, the reverse correlation may be true as well. You can order Freakonomics here.

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