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January 19, 2006

hackoff.com Final Cover

Rodrigo Corral did a great job designing the dustcover for the offline hardcover edition of hackoff.com.  If you click on it below, it'll open a new window where you should be able to read the flaps and the back where the burbs are.  Note that in some browsers you'll need to resize the image in the new window before it is readable.  In Explorer you do that by rolling over it with your mouse until a resize icon appears (yuk).


This edition, due out by March 15,  can be preordered from Amazon or 800ceread and I'll sign all preorded copies.

But you can still read or listen to the novel free at www.hackoff.com or download audio with iTunes.  By the way, if you're already enjoying readingor listening to hackoff.com online, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell any friend who might be interested. This link is an easy way to do that.

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