Fractals of Change: February 2006

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19 posts from February 2006

February 28, 2006

The Blogobubble

The Blogosphere is a bubble!  Well, you should have known.  It’s round; it doubles every five and a half months (More...

February 26, 2006

Advisory Capital – Comments, Discussion, and the Wikipedia Entry

I created an entry in wikipedia for advisory capital because I think the discussion follow More...

February 23, 2006

Disrupting the Venture Capital Industry – Advisor Capitalists

Everyone knows that many businesses can be started with much less capital than used to be required – especially Internet services businesses.  Hosting is cheap; hardware is cheap More...

February 22, 2006

VC Primer from an Entrepreneur’s POV – The Five Year Plan

Congratulations.  You, the debut entrepreneur, have stirred some interest among venture capitalists in providing you with the million dollars or so in financing you need to take More...

February 21, 2006

Freedom of Speech – Reader Feedback and Response

Readers from both Austria and Germany have commented thoughtfully on my opinion t More...

February 20, 2006

Freedom of Speech

In Austria a man was just sentenced to three years in jail for writing a book denying the Holocaust.  That’s wrong.  Doesn’t matter th More...

February 19, 2006

VC Primer from an Entrepreneur’s POV – Finding First Round VCs

You “need” a million dollars or more to take your wonderful idea the next step.  Remember that it’s very hard to do a VC round for less money than that.More...

February 16, 2006

Self-Publish or Perish – Progress Report

Tonight I’m speaking at the Harvard Club of New York on self-publishing.  I would’ve invited you but the club only allows members to its meetings. More...

February 14, 2006

VC Primer from an Entrepreneur’s POV – What About Angels?

Angel investors go where venture capitalists fear to tread.  That’s an oversimplification but it’ll do for starters.


February 12, 2006

Don’t Buy Telco Stock – That Includes Vonage

The telegram business disappeared last month with barely a whimper.  The telephone call business is going to go the same way sooner rather than later. Not a good time to invest i More...

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