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23 posts from April 2006

April 17, 2006

tech.memeorandum Predicts the Future!



April 16, 2006

The Next Huge Thing – What It Looks Like



April 14, 2006

Post-Disaster Communication - Help From our Friends

Jeff Pulver's post this morning lists the following fellow-bloggers who have helped us encourage public comment on our post-disaster communication petition filed with th More...

April 13, 2006

The Next Huge Thing – Muniopoly?

The march to US-wide municipal Wifi gained speed today with the announcement that Portlan More...

Better Communication in Disasters - Correction

Earlier this week I posted happily that the FCC has put the petition Jeff Pulver and I filed to improve communications in a disaster up for public comment.  However, Jeff and I initially misunderstood the FCC instructions f More...

April 11, 2006

Amnesty for European Settlers

For some reason historians appear to be ignoring the partial amnesty granted to European settlers of North America in the mid 1600s by the United Tribes of America (UTA).  Very f More...

April 10, 2006

Better Communication in Disasters – One Step Closer

[correction: the FCC clarified the code to be entered when commenting on the petition.  Entering the code in the earlier version of my post resulted in an error message.  If you did try to comment and received th More...

April 09, 2006

The Next Huge Thing – Base Assumption

Within four years, possibly three, free WiFi will be available on the streets of every American city.  Building services, applications, and devices to take advantage of this capa More...

April 08, 2006

Book Review – Speak Softly, She Can Hear

Pam Lewis: Speak Softly, She Can Hear : A Novel


April 06, 2006

Instead of Foreign Aid

A lead essay on Cat More...

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