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April 14, 2006

Post-Disaster Communication - Help From our Friends

Jeff Pulver's post this morning lists the following fellow-bloggers who have helped us encourage public comment on our post-disaster communication petition filed with the FCC:

- Luca Filigheddu: Jeff's SOS on FCC petition
- Aswath Rao: Post-Disaster Communications Petition
- Paul Kapustka: Concerned about this year's hurricanes? Add your voice to the Pulver/Evslin petition
- Ted Shelton: Comment and Spread the Word on Post-Disaster Communications Petition at the FCC
- Jeff Jarvis: Recovery 2.0: The phone solution
- Andy Abramson: Comments Due From You
- Ken Camp: Public Comment the Post-Disaster Communications Petition
- Signal Quality: Petition to the FCC
- SAtechBlog: Your Opportunity to Comment on Post Disaster Communicaitons Petition
- Geoff Mendelson: Write to the (US) Federal Communications Commission
- utopiaoverip: Post-Disaster Communications Petition at the FCC needs your input!
- Russell Shaw: Pulver's Post-Disaster Communications Petition now in FCC public Comments period

A few more who show up now in a Technorati search are:

Alan Weinkrantz:  Your Opportunity to Comment on Post Disaster Communications Petition

Bruce Stewart:

VOIP You: Hello? Hello? -- Preparing the Nation's Phone Service for the Next Hurricane Season (has some interesting other allegations of BellSouth misbehavior post Katrina)

Besides blogging, Andy Abramson also contributed this podcast  from KenRadio.com.

My own podcast is here but nothing you haven't read me saying before.

Thank you to everyone who's helped and all of you who have commented.

Comments remain open until April 27.  The FCC comment form is at http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi and you have to type RM-11327 in the first field to identify the petition you're commenting on.

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