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July 17, 2006

Help Wanted at FeedBlitz

FeedBlitz, a company I announced an investment in and on whose board I sit, is growing and hiring. They need one superb customer service/QA Engineer and an equally superb application engineer.  The company is a startup but also the market leader in RSS to email, an important part of Web 2.0 stuff. 

It’s fun to work in a startup if you’re a startup sort of person; not if you’re not. You get to pitch in on everything, work hard (but work from home), grow as fast as the company grows, and work with bright, excited people.

Core technologies used by FeedBlitz today are Windows, C++, XML / RSS, ASP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and SMTP – but likely to be more and different tomorrow. Learning all the time is part of the fun (and the challenge) of a startup.

You can get more detail on these openings (and talk about yourself) by emailing founder and CEO Phil Hollows (Phil at feedblitz.com).  Oh yeah, in startups you get to talk to the CEO all the time.

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