Fractals of Change: July 2006

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18 posts from July 2006

July 30, 2006

Voice Over WiFi – The Change Function Test

In his usual talk-from-experience style, Om Malik More...

July 29, 2006

VoIP Over WiFi WILL Disrupt the Cellular Industry

It’s official.  You can read all ab More... Review by Norm Goldman, Editor of Bookpleasures

My favorite quote from the review:


July 27, 2006

Price – Splitting the Pie – Why Not Just Bill and Keep?

Back in the old days when telephony was the province of national monopolies, domestic prices were usually regulated and regulators are subject to political pressure to keep prices down.  More...

July 26, 2006

AT&T Universal Card by Citi – Marketing Incompetence or Actual Ripoff?

AT&T Universal Card sent me a letter saying they were going to rip me off and that’s what I was going to blog about this morning.  But, at least according to my online statem More...

July 24, 2006

Capitalism and Externalities

Regulation is essential to capitalism.  I’m damned near a libertarian and certainly a capitalist but I do believe SOME forms of targeted regulation are necessary – even though al More...

July 22, 2006

George Bush When He's Right

George Bush is very right on the war in Lebanon.  He deserves to have that said.  Policy discussions should be separated from politica More...

July 20, 2006

The Long Tail Wraps Around

In an irony not lost on its author, Chris Anderson’s book More...

July 18, 2006

Signs of Telecom Competition

Three good stories tipped by Om Malik today showing that there is SOME competition in the US telecom marketplace.More...

July 17, 2006

Help Wanted at FeedBlitz

FeedBlitz, a company I announced an investment inMore...

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