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November 20, 2006

Goggle CSE Experiment #3 – Please Set Up Co-op Profile

I’m having to reject some of the people who sign up as volunteers for my open custom search engine because they do not have a Google Co-op profile.  In this case, I have no way to tie them to their contributions.  Don’t care who they really are but need some way to eliminate those who spam.

IT’S NOT ENOUGH JUST TO HAVE A GOOGLE PROFILE.  I know this is braindead but it’s the way Google Co-op works.  Once you’ve registered for Google Co-op  (perhaps as part of the process of volunteering to add to the Fractals of Change Reader Choice CSE), go to http://www.google.com/coop/manage/cse/profile and set up your Co-op profile BEFORE completing the process of volunteering to work on CSE.  You may find it simpler to go to that Google URL first and sign up for Co-op there, then come back and volunteer.


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