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January 10, 2007

Apple’s iPhone Strategy - Machiavellian or DOA? – Readers Comment

Several readers have posted comments making the point that Apple’s exclusive US arrangement with Cingular/at&t is simply an expedient for launching the telecom revolution Steve Jobs promised in his keynote.More...

January 09, 2007

Apple Fails to Reinvent Telecommunications Industry – Too Bad

According to the AP Story carried in the NY Times OnlineMore...

January 08, 2007

Vermont, The First E-State – First Reactions

There’s been lots of reaction to Governor Jim Douglas announcement last Thursday that Vermont will become the first e-state in the US by assuring that, in 2010, anywhere you open a laptop or use a cellphone in Vermont you’ More...

January 07, 2007

Web 2.0 – Greater Initial Investments Required

Michael Arrington posted today on TechCrunch on the d More...

January 06, 2007

Commercial Message: Wanna Buy A Text Ad?

Thanks to help from our friends at Federated Media, text ads are now available on Fractals of ChangeMore...

January 04, 2007

More on Vermont, The First E-State

Earlier today I posted my enthusiasm for Governor Jim Douglas’ proposal to make V More...

Vermont, The First E-State

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas in his inaugural address today in Montpelier: “I propose that by 2010, Vermont be the nation’s first true ‘e-state’ – the first state to provide universal cellular and broadband coverage everyw More...

January 03, 2007

Hold the Outrage, Please

People shouldn’t have said mean things to Saddam Hussein as the noose was placed around his neck.  Not high on my indignation list, though.


January 01, 2007

Nerd Story – The Mystery of the Data Cell Drive


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