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March 30, 2007

E-State Legislation Passes Vermont House 132-2!

H.248, the bill which has the provisions necessary to make Vermont the nation's first e-state with universal cellphone and broadband coverage anywhere and everywhere in its borders, just passed the Vermont House of Representativ More...

E-State Update

It was another good week for Vermont’s initiative to become the first e-state and More...

March 29, 2007

Bullies Don’t Get to Save Face

Unless you’re about to get irreparably crumped, it’s not a good idea to let a bully save face; it just leads to more bullying.  Humiliation, on the other hand, works wonders in c More...

March 28, 2007

You Too Can YouTube

The mission of the Snelling Center for Government is to foster responsible and ethical civic leaders More...

March 27, 2007

Facebook Proves a Point

Facebook is a wonderful example of the next wave of blockbuster new Web apps.  Didn’t realize that tho More...


My post from last night on was missing its first half.  Can't blame that on easyJet, though; I did it myself.

Now fixed here.


March 26, 2007

easyJet Is Cheap

Repost:  Beginning was initially missing due to jet lag.


March 25, 2007

Notes from Ljubljana

Embarrassing corrections: I managed to misspell the names of both cities in Slovenia which I mentioned including the city in the title.& More...

March 23, 2007

Getting Redd


March 21, 2007

Morph of a Nerd CEO – Company Charitable Donations

Should your startup be making charitable donations?  In general, no – but there are exceptions.  Let’s take a look, case by case, at t More...

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