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August 22, 2007

New My Way Blog

The newest member of the My Way network of blogs by entrepreneuers is boxee blog by avner ronen. I was convinced to add this blog to the network as soon as I read the post below which is called wanted: a code poet.


we are trying to recruit a developer in Israel.

i asked Vulkan if he can give me a short job description, so that i can ask people if they know someone. so being the methodical, process oriented, bureaucratic animal that he is he told me "you know. someone that can really code. a shark."

so here is what we’re looking for:

someone that can really code.
a shark.
a code poet.
a lazy bastard.
a hacker.

someone that can write PHP with two hands tied behind his back,
but dreams in C++.

favorite beach book reading: design patterns (hard cover edition, signed by the authors)
favorite debate topic: LAMP vs. J2EE (prefers LAMP, but can argue both sides of the issue)
favorite animal: penguin.
hobbies: none.

(social skills are not a requirement)

if you think you fit the bill please send us an email (don’t forget to mention your favorite compilation flags for the Linux kernel).


I understand what avner's looking for: the great programmer that's worth fifty good ones. Find him or her and social skills are certainly optional (and would probably only lead to distraction).

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