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October 19, 2007

Great Way to Make or Cap a Career

The Vermont Telecom Authority is looking for an executive director. The authority has the very tough mission of making Vermont the nation’s first e-state. Despite the tough terrain and many rural areas, the mission of the Telecom Authority is to assure that, by the end of 2010, broadband coverage and cellular voice coverage are available EVERYWHERE in the state. The broadband coverage has to be adequate and affordable – better than satellite and better than basic DSL.

Vermont is determined to make this happen. The bill which set up the authority authorized up to $40 million in revenue bonds to build enabling infrastructure (but prohibited the state from becoming a retail provider). Even more significant as an indication of how serious Vermont is about this goal, the legislature streamlined the permit process and modified Vermont’s basic environmental law, Act 250, to assure that towers can be sited and built where they’re needed when they’re needed. Such modifications don’t come easily in green Vermont. The bill was proposed by Republican Governor Jim Douglas and overwhelmingly passed by both houses of the legislature which have large Democrat majorities.

The Authority has a great volunteer Board; my wife, Mary Evslin, is the chair. They’re determined that these goals be met and are devoting much of their energy to a search for the key role of Executive Director.

You won’t get rich in this job. If you’re qualified, the pay is much less than you’re worth. There are no stock options. But it’s a job worth doing; success will lead to fame if not fortune. Other states are watching; private industry is watching (and MUST be a participant). The satisfaction from making this happen will be immense. BTW, Vermont is a great place to live.

To succeed you’ll need to be audacious and have experience in achieving outsize goals. You’ll have made a career of NOT letting engineers tell you what’s impossible. You’ll be a planner AND a doer. You’ll be good at getting other people to buy into your dream and help make it a reality.

Here’s the official notice for the job:


Vermont Telecommunications Authority


The start-up Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) is looking for a leader with entrepreneurial experience. Have you put deals together? Brought together multiple partners to fund, build, and manage telecommunications networks? If so, we’d like to meet you. 

The VTA seeks an Executive Director to lead the mission of bringing wireless and broadband service to all parts of the state by the end of 2010. The Executive Director will be a visible leader in Vermont and to all states looking for rural solutions.

The position will be responsible for implementing the statutory goals of the Authority, creating partnerships with multiple telecommunication providers and communities, deploying telecommunications infrastructure, and managing daily activities for the Authority. The Executive Director must have a strong background in telecommunications, with experience in technical, business, financial, regulatory, and legal matters. A minimum of ten years telecommunications experience and a master's degree or equivalent experience and experience starting an organization is desired. 

Vermont is a lovely place to live and small enough to make a real difference in. Lead the effort to make Vermont the first e-state in the nation! Please submit a cover letter, resume and salary requirements to:

Search Committee

Vermont Telecommunications Authority

National Life Records Building

One National Life Drive

Montpelier, Vermont 05620-3201

Or email to: EDsearch@telecomvt.org

The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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