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23 posts from October 2007

October 31, 2007

“You Can’t Cross a Chasm in Two Small Jumps”

This wonderful quote is attributed to David Lloyd GeorgeMore...

October 30, 2007

Unexpected Live Performance

Several weeks ago Jeff Pulver arranged to have an excellent cameraman come to Vermont and video tape a five minut More...

October 29, 2007

My New Gig

I’ve taken a sabbatical from my retirement to be startup Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for FWD InternationalMore...

October 28, 2007

C U at VON

A decade ago the VON (Voice on the Net) show in Boston was where I and others first planned, discussed, and made dea More...

October 26, 2007

Comcast’s Wrong Approach

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have to do a lot more than just provide a pipe from your residence to their facilities to assure that you have a good Internet experience. There is a raging debate, inextricable from the d More...

October 25, 2007

Broadband Truth in Advertising – Regulation?

There needs to be a standard for truth in broadband advertising. Since the operation of the marketplace hasn’t resulted in a standard, a standard should be imposed. Note that standards are often helpful to markets AND that More...

October 23, 2007

Truth in Broadband

OK, fellow nerds, you can tune back into the discussion now. This post features a good explanation from the head of Cloud AllianceMore...

October 22, 2007

Kelly’s Kiku Show

The Kiku (Japanese for chrysanthemums) Show opened this weekend at The New York Botanical GardenMore...

October 19, 2007

Great Way to Make or Cap a Career

The Vermont Telecom Authority is looking for an executive director. The authority has the very tough mission of making Vermont the nation’s first e-state. Despite the tough terrain and many rural areas, the mission of the More...

October 18, 2007

Broadband Primer Part 3

Low latency is crucial for some uses of the Internet – and doesn’t matter at all to others. Latency used to be a problem only for Voice over IP (VoIP) and other highly More...

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