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October 30, 2007

Unexpected Live Performance

Several weeks ago Jeff Pulver arranged to have an excellent cameraman come to Vermont and video tape a five minute segment of me talking about VoIP being a three stage rocket whose final stage was a dud and the new future of communication which will develop without reference to POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). The plan was that Jeff would use this video as an opener for his keynote at VON this morning.

You know how it with technology: the video malfunctioned. But I happened to be in the audience and Jeff asked me to improv live which I did. I don’t remember exactly what I said in the original so not sure how I did.

Of course now there’s a video of the video failing and my unexpected live performance.

You can see it here http://www.blogtv.com/Shows/96/YeTrZe3uY23&pos=ancr.

As a bonus, if you stay on after I exit stage left, you can see Jeff’s keynote and why he left a lot of traditional telco folk more than a tad uncomfortable.

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