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December 02, 2007

FWD International En Route to Tel Aviv

FWD International Chairman Jeff Pulver, CEO Dan Berninger and I are en route to Tel Aviv where we’ll be looking for great developers to add to our team and helping acquaint the Israeli developer community with our planned APIs and what they’ll enable. I’m sure we’ll also get a lot of feedback on what we should be doing and how we should do it as well.

It’s likely that much (but not all) of the R&D for FWD International - which is so far funded by Jeff, Yossi Vardi, and me - will take place in Israel building on skills and technologies well-established there. We need great UI skills, skill and experience with embedded apps (as in Facebook), wizards of distributed backend processing. Lots of flash experience never hurt, either; and SIP or other VoIP experience, preferably at the UDP level, would be helpful. If you have a few of these skills and want to see us in Tel Aviv this week, Jeff’s made himself the contact.

Note: appropriate to my role as acting CTO, I’m taking a nerdish view of the skills required. Jeff’s user-oriented view is here.

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