Fractals of Change: December 2007

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17 posts from December 2007

December 11, 2007

Personal Relationship Manager

Tristan Louis coined the term “personal relationship manager” in a brilliant postMore...

December 10, 2007

The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

If the Bush Administration had not long-ago fumbled away all claims to competence by its handling of everything from after-war Iraq to after-hurricane New Orleans, it might have been able to claim some credit for the “end” More...

December 09, 2007

Do You Need a Permanent IP Address?

This post is NOT for nerds: you already know about permanent IP addresses and what they’re used for; but you can tag along and kibitz if you’d like.


December 06, 2007

Impressions of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an excited beach-front city, quite secular with few people in either Jewish or Muslim religious ga More...

December 05, 2007

You Can’t Cut to Greatness

McKinsey & Company, the country’s preeminent source of outsourced-thinking, has the same kind of short-term advice for America on energy policy that it has traditionally given its corporate clients on almost any questi More...

December 03, 2007

The 350 Mile Dash

Ok. It was really my own fault. I checked Continental online to be sure my flight from Burlington, Vermont to Newark was still on time, more worried than usual because I knew there was a winter storm warning for later in t More...

December 02, 2007

FWD International En Route to Tel Aviv

FWD International Chairman Jeff PulverMore...

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