Fractals of Change: January 2008

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19 posts from January 2008

January 13, 2008

Going Sailing



January 10, 2008

America’s Creation as a Secular Republic – Long May It Stand

While on tour for his Pulitzer-Prize-winning Fou More...

January 09, 2008

Post2tweet – Convergence is Happening

Now I can tell you what I was testing yesterday.More...

January 08, 2008

Testing, testing

This post is just a test.

If it works, I'll tell you what it's all about.


HD Voice

The bandwidth of the telephone connection between our homes and the telephone network hasn’t changed in my long lifetime. Although some noise has been eliminated in long distance calls (sometime and if we’re not on a cellp More...

January 07, 2008

Sharing Cellular Data Access Between Multiple PCs

As described in the previous post, you only want to use a cellular data service ( More...

January 05, 2008

Should a Cellular Carrier Be Your ISP at Home?

It’s not cheap; it’s not available everywhere; it’s not even particularly fast. But wireless Internet access from your cellular provider may be your best option for home Internet access in some parts of the US (I don’t kno More...

January 03, 2008

Systems Restore To The Rescue

It was probably my fault. I installed a new Verizon control app while deleting a much older version and talking on the phone. When the drivers for my EVDO card disappeared, I downloaded and installed new ones, still while More...

January 02, 2008

A Question Which Should Be Asked

Writing in the New York Times on New Years Day, More...

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