Fractals of Change: February 2008

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18 posts from February 2008

February 11, 2008

Being First IS The Business Plan

So you want to start an Internet business. You look around to see what kind of businesses are succeeding. You read in the WSJ about someone who had a unique and clever idea and is now turning down eight figure acquisition More...

February 10, 2008

Primary Strategy

In Vermont we get to choose which primary we vote in. It now looks like that choice and how we vote might still make a small difference on Town Meeting Day, March 4, which is when our Democratic and Republican primaries wi More...

February 07, 2008

Morph of a Nerd CEO – Selling Past the Close

You: “Don’t buy our product just because it is the cheapest alternative available. In fact, the money you save and the opportunities you gain because our product is so easy to use will dwarf the savings in initial purchase More...

February 06, 2008

Trains and Planes

At 1PM, someone trusted by our driver at the train station in San Rafael, Mexico “knew” that the 1:20PM train to Chihuahua wouldn’t arrive until 2PM. In fact, it didn’t arrive until almost 3PM. No one seemed to know about More...

February 05, 2008

Escape from Copper Canyon


February 04, 2008

Kindle Travel Test


February 02, 2008

It Would Be Wrong For McCain To Go Right

The same talking heads who unanimously declared Senator John McCain to be on a campaign bus to nowhere a few months ago, now unanimously bob that, as the frontrunner, he “MUST” reach out to the Republican right. They’re wr More...

February 01, 2008

Happy Hour

Next Tuesday, Feb 5th, I'll be a guest on the Happy Hour show hosted by my friend Cody Willard (2d from left). The show is on FoxBusiness Network every weekday from 5 to 6 PM; appropriately, it's broadcast from the More...

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