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June 05, 2010

Vermont Gets Personal


Look at the upper right hand corner of the Vermont.gov web site; you'll that the state is giving you a chance to get personal. Follow the not logged in link to set up your own myVermont.gov account.

A myVermont.gov account makes online personal interaction with the state much easier both for residents and visitors. Because you can enter your name and address(es), for example, as a permanent part of the account, you DON'T have to reenter this information each time you access a different state service. You can also personalize your myVermont.gov home page so that it contains exactly the information you want arranged in a way that you find convenient.

To get myVermont.gov started as quickly as possible, we've integrated a handful of existing state services. The site has an open architecture (computer jargon meaning it can be changed and enhanced quickly) so that other existing state services can be added quickly and so that new services, which are in the process of rapid development, can easily provide users myVermont.gov functionality.

Here's what you can do with myVermont.gov today. All listings you select appear on your homepage:

  • Filter the e511 road report listing for Vermont to only the roadways that most interest you.
  • Get a running list of recent online service receipts from participating services.
  • Have a map displayed of local State of Vermont locations.
  • Have news fed from the Vermont.gov News Releases. You may filter what news you see by State Agency/Department.
  • Get up to the minute State of Vermont Job Postings from the Department of Human Resources.
  • Customize a listing of available Vermont Government Online Services for easy access to the services you use most.
  • Follow the status of your annual Income Tax Refund and Filing.
  • Add links from participating Vermont Government websites. You may also add any links from around the internet for easy access.
  • Add quick links and listings of State Employees to your page from the Vermont State Online Directory.
  • Follow the status of your annual Homestead Declaration.
  • Have random facts about Vermont appear right on your page. New facts appear each time you visit.

New services will be added on an almost weekly basis.

Although myVermont.gov is especially useful to Vermonters, out-of-staters are also encouraged to set up a free account. It's a good way for visitors to see up-to-date road reports for the routes they use in and out of the Green Mountain State, track local Vermont weather, and get a map of state parks and other attractions in their favorite part of the state. Soon existing online functions like making a reservation at state parks and getting a hunting and fishing license will be accessible directly through myVermont.gov with all of the convenience of NOT having to reenter your personal information.

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