Fractals of Change: October 2010

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13 posts from October 2010

October 04, 2010

Go White Space, Young Person, Go White Space

"Go white space," is the advice Horace Greeley would give if he were alive today. This supersedes previous advice given to Dustin Hoffmann to go into plastics just before his first romantic encounter with Mrs. Robinson as well as Greeley's earlier advice to go west. Use of the " More...

October 03, 2010

Droid, Gmail, gSyncit, iPhone, Outlook, Mary and Me

Google is making itself more central to our lives. Neither Mary nor I use Gmail itself for much except spam-protecting email addresses; but, because it's useful, Google is becoming the nexus for syncing our various devices and even each other. Droid has been key in increasing my Google-depend More...

October 01, 2010

Notes from the Jury Box

"Don't Google the case," the judge told us jurors before sending us home for the night, "and don't go to the scene of the alleged crime to do your own research." Interesting that the judge led by prohibiting online research – the kind we're most likely to do today.

"Do you watch crime show More...

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