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December 27, 2010

My Confessions in the Wall Street Journal – and the Snow

Picture piles of soggy copies of the The Wall Street Journal lying in the snow in New York and Boston. In those soggy piles is my op-ed titled "Confessions of a State Stimulus Czar". But, fortunately, there is also an online edition of the Journal; there, albeit behind the pay wall, is my article. You do need an online Journal subscription to read it; or you can read an earlier version (before extensive editing by the WSJ), on Fractals of Change at Confessions of a Stimulator (I like my title better but their edits improved the post).

The article got into the Journal thanks to persistent advocacy by Geoffrey Norman, editor of vermonttiger.com, where many of my posts run. If you like my posts, you'll probably also enjoy the posts of other Tiger writers as well.

As a consequence of the op-ed, WBT, a radio station in Charlotte, NC, interviewed me on the air this morning. You can listen to that interview by linking to http://site.wbt.com/podcasts/player/wbt.cfm?ID=2 and clicking on the 9AM, Monday, December 27 podcast.

Having had the privilege of being Vermont's Stimulus Czar, it's my intent to keep writing –and talking - about what I learned. These were valuable lessons in what government can and can't do – and how badly-aimed government efforts can produce the opposite consequences from those intended.

Next post in the series:

Confessions of a Stimulator – Jobs Don’t Count

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