Fractals of Change: March 2011

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14 posts from March 2011

March 09, 2011

One American Jew’s View of Arab Insurgencies

It's not about us! It's not about Israel; it's not about America.

For years we (Jews, Americans, others) have accepted the argument that the "Arab Street" seethes purely with rage against Israel and the United States and is only restrained by the despots of various stripes who run Arab cou More...

March 07, 2011

Libya: No Decision is a Decision

Dear President Obama:

We just visited Yorktown, site of the decisive battle of the American Revolution. I'm sure you know the history of that battle well. Respectfully, I'd like to point out some lessons for the great decisions you are faced with.

British General Cornwallis, who was More...

March 04, 2011

WCAX TV Interview with Me about Building Broadband in Vermont

Kristen Carlson of WCAX did a great interviewing me on why we need to finish the stimulus-funded middle mile broadband buildout in Vermont so that we can have the last mile Internet and cellular service which is lacking in rural areas. This is a counterpoint to More...

March 03, 2011

FairPoint and Vermont (and the other Carriers)

Yesterday I wrote a response to FairPoint Vermont President Mike Smith's interview on WCAX's You Can Quote Me. In More...

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