Fractals of Change: May 2011

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15 posts from May 2011

May 09, 2011

Good and Bad News about the Safety of Natural Gas Fracking

A new study of possible hazards from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas extraction was published today on the More...

May 08, 2011

Hey NYTimes, Where’s the Link?

It's no longer acceptable online to make a naked assertion on a controversial subject without at least a link to back it up, at least not for anyone practicing serious journalism and writing a news story. But here's what appeared in the New York Times online today More...

May 06, 2011

Gazprom is Concerned about the Effect of Shale Gas on American Housewives

"Every American housewife is aware of shale gas, but not every housewife is aware of the environmental consequences of the use of shale gas. I don't know who would take the risk of endangering drinking water reservoirs." – Alexander Medvedev, Director-General of Gazpro More...

May 03, 2011

LTE Insufficient from the Start – Boingo IPO Propitious

The trouble with planning way ahead is that the world changes before you execute. The major wireless carriers have been planning their 4th generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) rollouts for a long time – that's how they do things. Now, even as Verizon Wireless is doing an aggressive More...

May 02, 2011

The Return of Over the Air Television

Just ordered a TV antenna; who woulda thunk it? But it's not your father's rabbit ears. Over the air television even has an acronym now: OTA. OTA is digital; it can be higher def than cable or satellite. And it's free!

OTA is how I'll get my local stations once I take down More...

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