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June 29, 2011

Policy Recommendations Today at fcc.gov/live

Should the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) end with a bang or a whimper? What, if anything, should the FCC do about the transition to IPv6 ? What are best practices for wireless tower siting?

These are some of the subjects on which the FCC's Technical Advisory Council (TAC) will make recommendations to FCC Chair Julius Genachowski today at 1PM EDT at the FCC in Washington, DC. The meeting is public. If you happen to be inside the beltway, you can attend in person. For everyone else, it will be webcast at fcc.gov/live. I'd suggest using the hashtag #fcctac for twitter discussion during and after the webcast.

I'm a member of the TAC and am on a taskforce looking at the end of the PSTN. The recommendations we will make are far from bland; they will be controversial; they should be discussed. I'm looking forward to hearing the recommendations from the other groups which makeup the TAC.

The posts below were informed or inspired by my work with the TAC but are purely my own opinion.

The Ugly End of the Phone Network

Planning for the Ugly End of the Phone Network

States Should Deregulate ALL Phone Services – Not Regulate New Ones

Whom Do We Regulate when the Phone Monopolies Are Gone?

Whom Do We Regulate when the Phone Monopolies Are Gone? – Universal Access

Advising the FCC on Invisible Infrastructure

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