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August 10, 2011

Lots of Live Discussion of the (High) Price of Solar Electricity

Is the price Vermonters pay for solar electricity too high and counter-productive? Or are the subsidies from ratepayers and taxpayers necessary to save the environment and the economy? I asserted "way too high" in a post last week. I'll be grilled Thursday both on the Mark Johnson show on WDEV and on Vermont Public Radio's Vermont Edition.

David Blittersdorf, who says that the current subsidies are too low, is scheduled to appear with me on Vermont Edition. He is a cofounder of Chittenden County Solar Partners, which opened Vermont's largest solar farm last week, and Founder, President, and CEO of All Earth Renewables, which supplied solar tracking arrays to Solar Partners. He says that facility would not have been built except that subsidies used to be higher than they are today. David and I are alike in some ways; we're both entrepreneurs, both former board members of Vermont's Clean Energy Development Fund, and both nerdy types proud of the patents we've been awarded; but we have very different views on subsidies for solar photovoltaic energy. Vermont Edition, which is hosted by Jane Lindholm, is live at noon (rebroadcast at seven) and available as streaming audio and later online in the show's archive. You can call in during the show if you think one or both of us need further grilling or rebutting.

Mark Johnson is a fearsome radio interviewer. It's not that he yells and screams; he doesn't do that; but he has an instinct for the weak point in an argument. And politely but firmly insists on getting a straight answer. His show is on from 9-11AM and I'll be coming on at 10AM on Thursday – hopefully well-prepared. You can listen to WDEV over the air at AM 550 and FM 96.1. The show is streamed from a link at the bottom right of this page and is archived at markjohnsonshow.com. You can also call in during this show.

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