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August 08, 2011

Thanks S&P and Tea Party: We Needed That

Standard & Poor's said "there is no sure thing". They're right; time we realized that. It isn't a given that the USA or any other country, business, and person will be able to pay back their debts. It isn't a given that the US economy will "reco More...

August 05, 2011

Don’t Watch The Dow!

Watching the day to day movement of my company's stock was one of the worst mistakes I and many other CEOs made. The Chief Executive of the US shouldn't make that mistake. Neither should our Board of Directors (aka Congress). Ben Bernanke should know better but doesn't. He took credit More...

August 03, 2011

Putting the Debt Ceiling Genie Back in the Bottle

"Can the Debt Ceiling Genie Be Put Back in the Bottle?" the New York Times asks as part of today's fusillade against the bill which ended the debt ceili More...

Telecom2018 Notes

Skip this post if you're not deeply into telecommunications issues.

These are my notes from the Telecom2018 workshop held last week in Washington, DC. My recollection is much aided by live tweets with the hashtag #telecom2018, which is well worth reviewing for its comment thread but I am r More...

August 02, 2011

Compromise is a Means, Not an End

"We have a compromise," the President said. He went on to say that we should've had a compromise earlier. I would've rather heard him say "we have a plan".

Suppose you're one of two people in a canoe. You think the way to your destination is north; your companion thinks it's south. You com More...

August 01, 2011

How to Increase Your Electric Bill to $630 per Month

The opening of Vermont's largest solar farm last week demonstrates conclusively what a terrible bargain solar photovoltaic electricity at the current state of the industry is for Vermont. If we paid as much for all of our electricity as we pay for the electricity we get from the Chittenden Co More...

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