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March 23, 2017

The Fantasy Tweet

Trump’s Great Chance.

As of tonight, Republicans in the House of Representatives can’t agree on a healthcare bill that enough of them will vote for given unanimous Democrat opposition to any Republican bill. The President, who really doesn’t belong to either party, could just call a halt to the partisan charade. The tweet would look like this:


The truth is that ObamaCare added coverage for people who weren’t covered before in a way which has resulted in ruinously rising premiums and diminishing choices in coverage for almost everyone, even those not covered by ObamaCare. On the other hand, the bill was addressing a real problem and many people now depend on its provisions. Fixing it is as hard as fixing a bridge which must remain in service during repairs. Thoughtful, constructive legislation needs to be passed.

What we don’t need is a semantic debate over whether we’re repairing or replacing ObamaCare. Who really cares except politicians?

The extreme right wants no government involvement; the extreme left wants no private involvement.  Both are willing to block any compromise by their respective parties if they can’t have all they want. Best way to disempower them is from the middle. If reasonable Dems and Reps vote together for a compromise, the extreme wings of both parties will be flapping in thin air. Great opportunity for a President who is a deal maker and wasn’t the choice of either party.

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