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August 15, 2018

Tweets from @realedontrusk themselves

[No twitterbots were used to create this post]

2 things u need 2 know: I am v rich & v smart. I am richer & smarter than u.

I make or unmake rules; I do not follow.

In old days I would’ve sucked up 2 press 2 get them 2 cover what I said (& they would’ve screwed it up). Now don’t need them; I tweet; u read. They have 2 reprint (altho doesn’t matter).

Press ppl don’t like me because I don’t suck up 2 them. Tough. Their business model is broken. Mine isn’t. If it was, would fix in a tweet.

Press ppl didn’t like FDR “fireside” chats on radio because direct to real ppl (I know that kind of stuff). Beginning of end for press but they didn’t know then. Don’t know now because they r clueless.

Crooked establishment wants 2 shut me up. Use FBI and SEC 2 investigate my tweets. 1st amendment?

Press whining because I call them liars. They called me liar 1st. Throw stones & hide behind 1st amendment when I throw back. They’re losers & whiners & biz model broke.

Ppl that don’t like me r stupid or crooked or worse. They call me names. I always hit back. They whine like press.

U can retweet me. If u say something good about me, I’ll retweet maybe. Minute of fame 4 u.

My lawyers don’t want me 2 tweet. They say gets me in trouble. Makes their job hard. I say do your job. If I took your advice would be poor & stupid.

Saudi Arabia is smart & rich. I like 2 deal with them. They have no press problems. No ex-wife problems either.

MAGA & buy $TSLA.

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