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July 30, 2020

Forward To a New Normal - The Scratch Version

In my last post I wrote a warning that we have no way back to the pre-pandemic normal and put ourselves in danger by trying to get there rather than accepting that we have to move forward to a new normal. When we taught our children how to be safe near fast-flowing streams, we taught them to swim for shore  - not towards the point where they fell in. They didn't believe us until we took them to a  river for a demonstration.

That was then and this is now.

I'm teaching my grandchildren Scratch programming, not water safety. The project below teaches the same lesson without even needing to get wet. Click on the green flag to get started. If you do nothing, the swimmer will drown in a vain attempt to get back to where he fell in. You can use the left arrow key repeatedly to get him safely back to shore.

Depending on whether you go directly to my blog or get posts by email and depending on what browser you use, you may not see the game or clicking the flag won't work. In either case, just click here to play.



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