Fractals of Change: August 2021

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4 posts from August 2021

August 26, 2021

It’ll Be a Great Day When 100% of Covid Cases Are in Vaccinated People

Because that’ll mean that 100% of people are vaccinated.

The numbers we hear in the nightly news consistently undermine the importance of vaccination even though the intent is to do the exact opposite. Problem is that neither political More...

August 18, 2021

Letter from Starlink

With a few notes on significance.

Last month Starlink sent the letter below to Beta users of which I am one. The news in it is important to those waiting for Starlink or considering ordering it. I can’t find an online copy so I’m posting it here along with some comments following the text More...

August 11, 2021

Most Workers Should be Required to Get Vaccinations

So should everyone receiving COVID benefits.


August 04, 2021

Is Political Correctness Putting Gay Americans at Risk?

The Provincetown outbreak may be a warning about Covid vaccine effectiveness in immunocompromised people.

According to the NYTimesMore...

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