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February 12, 2007

VCs Follow Entrepreneurs


Both More...

November 20, 2006

Goggle CSE Experiment #3 – Please Set Up Co-op Profile

I’m having to reject some of the people who sign up as volunteers for my open custom search engine More...

November 19, 2006

Google CSE Experiment #3 – The Wisdom of the Crowd



November 09, 2006

Google Custom Search Engine – Framing the Results

Election over; back to nerding.  This post has some pointers for getting the Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) results page to show up inside a page on your own site or blog. It’ More...

November 05, 2006

Uses for Google Custom Search Engines – Let Me Count the Ways

When I get carried away with something, I sit down with Mary and try to convince her my enthusiasm is justified.  Usually she brings me back down to earth.More...

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