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February 01, 2022

High Oil and Gas Prices Fuel Russian and Iranian Aggressiveness

Drill, baby drill is a peaceful (and environmentally sound) response.

The threat to peace

At over $80/barrel for oil, Russia and Iran are awash in profits; today’s price is $88. They can afford guns and butter. More...

December 29, 2021

Is Freedom Possible Without Consequences?

I'll be on WDEV (96.1 FM, 550 AM) in VT with Bill Sayre at 11AM today (December 29, 2021) discussing whether

  1. we can be free not to get vaccinated without accepting responsibility if we get sick;
  2. we can be free to take the drugs of our choice without any consequences f More...

December 15, 2021

Democrats and Republicans Both Fear the Next Election Will be Stolen

They’re both giving us all plenty of reason to worry.

Exhibit number one is rightly Trump’s January 9 coup attempt. Even though some of the participants might have been legitimate demonstrators who got swept up and carried away, those who planned this attempted insurrecti More...

December 06, 2021

Freedom Has Consequences

“No one has the right to tell me what I put into my body!!!”

“I have the right to take my drugs of choice!!”

“I’m not a slave; I don’t have to work!”

Suppose I don’t want to get vaccinated. Let’s ignore the fact that I put others at risk with my choice. Am I willing to acc More...

November 04, 2021

Tuesday’s Elections Were Depolarizing

The results show how much Trump hurt Republicans in 2020.

There’s no question that Joe Biden got many more votes than Donald Trump in 2020. Many of the swing votes for Biden in 2020 from independents and moderate Republicans (like me) More...

October 18, 2021

We Should’ve Said “Requirement” Rather Than “Mandate”

Words matter.

I’m very pro Covid-19 vaccinations as a way to turn that virus from the root of a pandemic to just one more background pathogen like its many flu-causing cousins. I do think that students, teachers, health care workers, p More...

September 28, 2021

The Last Election Wasn’t Stolen

We need to make sure the next one isn’t either.

It was necessary and appropriate to quickly open up drop off and remote voting during the pandemic conditions of the last presidential election. Despite some legitimate fears and some ver More...

September 21, 2021

Fear Elected Trump and Biden

And saved California Governor Newsom from recall.

We vote our fears more than our dreams. The margin to elect Donald Trump in 2016 came from voters afraid of immigration, immigrants, and crime.

Biden’s ele More...

September 16, 2021

9/11, COVID-19, and Civil Liberties

Twenty years ago Congress quickly enacted the Patriot Act which abridged some civil liberties to confront a clear and present danger whose extent we did not know. In the last two years many civil liberties have been curtailed because of the actuality of a pandemic and the impossibility of predict More...

July 26, 2021

Walk the Vaccination Walk!

The US government talks the talk about Covid vaccination but doesn’t walk the walk. The CDC and the FDA say “get vaccinated” but they don’t act as if they really believe in the efficacy of the shots.

You couldn’t be more pro Covid vacc More...

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