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July 12, 2011

Business Card with QR Code

That funny black and white pattern on the top of my new business card is called a QR (Quick Retrieval) code. Think of it as a two dimensional succ More...

December 01, 2010

Blog Blocked by Breakin

Shards of shattered window glistened on the asphalt and on the backseat where my laptop bag shouldn't have been so conspicuous. The bag was gone, of course, and with it the laptop, extra batteries, several cables and chargers, a mouse, a USB multiport, my Garmin watch and chest strap, miscell More...

September 16, 2010

Droid Setup – Day 1 of My Re-Retirement

It's the first day of my re-retirement. Yesterday I handed in my badge – can't unlock state doors anymore; surrendered my parking pass; and gave back my Blackberry. For a while the empty holster on my belt continued to vibrate "you've got mail" like an amputated limb is supp More...

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