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December 26, 2011

The Inconvenient Recovery

The US economy is improving. This improvement is inconvenient for both major political parties so it isn't getting much attention or credit. The improvement is slow – but might be faster if it got the recognition it deserves since improvement depends on consumer and business confidence.

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December 01, 2011

Another Day, Another Bank Bailout

The US Federal Reserve along with other central banks is making it easier – i.e. cheaper – for European banks to borrow US dollars. In other words we're giving the banks a gift of the half percent discount in interest rates the fed is financing. The action is cloaked in the usual rhetoric abo More...

November 15, 2011

“Too Big to Fail” Assures Bigness – and Failure

Reader Bobsv57 asks:

"Tom, a question for you. I am under the impression that most, if not all, of the money used to bail out banks has been paid back with interest and it is actually the money used to bail out GM that hasn't been returned. Am I correct in this observation? More...

November 02, 2011

When Regulation Is Justified

My last post recommended draconian regulation for bailed-out banks and some regulation of all banks which accept federally insured deposits. Reader Lupus Nomen pointed out an apparent inconsistency in a More...

October 30, 2011

Preparing for the Next Banking Crisis

Since we bailed out the investment banks, we've done almost everything possible to assure that we have another banking crisis and another bailout opportunity.

  1. The banks that were too big to fail before have gotten even bigger as weak banks were merged into their less weak brethren. More...

September 28, 2011

Google Finds Nothing is Shovel Ready, Not Even for Free Fiber Build

"Regulation can get in the way of innovation. Regulations tied to physical infrastructure sometimes defer the investment altogether." – Kevin Lo, head of access at Google, as quoted in Total Telecom.

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September 05, 2011

America’s Industrial Revival

This Labor Day America stands on the brink of an industrial revival. During the next decade millions of Americans will be re-employed in manufacturing. Tens of millions more will be newly employed in jobs supporting manufacturing and serving the needs of manufacturing employees. The financial sec More...

August 09, 2011

What Government CAN do to Create Jobs

"It's time to go big or be sent home," says Andy Kessler writing in The Wall Street Journal. He continues with six big ideas, none of wh More...

June 27, 2011

Trotters in the Public Trough

Their salaries are grossly out of line; their retirement benefits are astronomical. We, the public, are paying to maintain their lifestyles while our own income goes down. Their influence on elections keep More...

June 06, 2011

Bad News for Investment Banks; Good News for the Rest of Us

"BRUSSELS—Support is building among senior European finance officials for a plan to press Greece's private-sector creditors into accepting a debt exchange that would result in delayed repayment to them, people familiar with the matter say.

"But that agg More...

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