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March 15, 2021

Lessons from the Last Stimulus

Don’t miss the opportunity to use big bucks for big change.


March 04, 2021

Vermont Starlink FAQs

Revised 6/27/23

  1. What Is Starlink?

Starlink is a very high-speed low-latency space-based internet access service originally designed for use in rural areas worldwide which lack adequate terrestrial broadband infrastructure. The service is now available for More...

March 04, 2011

WCAX TV Interview with Me about Building Broadband in Vermont

Kristen Carlson of WCAX did a great interviewing me on why we need to finish the stimulus-funded middle mile broadband buildout in Vermont so that we can have the last mile Internet and cellular service which is lacking in rural areas. This is a counterpoint to More...

March 03, 2011

FairPoint and Vermont (and the other Carriers)

Yesterday I wrote a response to FairPoint Vermont President Mike Smith's interview on WCAX's You Can Quote Me. In More...

February 28, 2011

FairPoint or Vermont?

Unfortunately FairPoint, the successor to Verizon for landlines in Northern New England, wants Vermont to choose between protecting a badly flawed FairPoint business plan or improving the economic future of Vermont's rural areas. The choice is stark: use the federal "middle mile" stimulus grant a More...

February 16, 2011

Unintended Consequences of Better Cell Coverage

Skiers lost in the woods, turns without signals, and long slow lines of cars on state highways: all are unintended consequences of better cell coverage in Vermont.

Reassured by being able to call 911, skiers leave the bounds of ski areas for fresh powder and thrills (they may also be enco More...

October 05, 2010

Exit Interview: From Smart Grid to Broadband and Back

Last week Geoffrey Norman of Vermont Tiger interviewed me on where Vermont is on Smart Grid and broadband as I retire from my job as state CTO, where I More...

September 17, 2010

Tiger (Sound) Bites

On my next to last day as Chief Technology Officer for the State of Vermont, my friends from VermontTiger.com came by to do a live interview. Murphy's law has no exceptions for CTOs; the technology didn't work as planned; the interview More...

August 21, 2010

Broadband vs. NIMBY

Question: Now that the funding for border-to-border no-residence-left-behind highspeed broadband access in Vermont is at hand, what could stop us from fulfilling our e-state dream? (see here for the good news on funding). More...

August 08, 2010


Yeah, wow!

Last week we learned that Vermont Telephone Company (Vtel) was awarded an $81 million federal grant and $35 million loan for its Wireless Open World (WOW) last mile broadband infrastructure project; Vtel will add $30 million of its own equity. It's hard to overstate the signific More...

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