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December 18, 2007

Nice Review

Steve Rucinski, executive producer of Small Business Trends Radio posted a very nice r More...

January 29, 2007

Podcast on Mac OS Competing with Vista

Phil Leigh interviewed me on my assertion that Apple ought to take advantage of the Vista and Office 2007 introductions to try to unseat Microsoft's domination of the desktop OS market and should aggressively support running Mac OS on commodity PCs.

The podcast of the interview is at More...

July 20, 2005

Podcast with Dan Bricklin and John Sviokla

Dan Bricklin posted the podcast of the discussion between himself, John Sviokla, and me.  It was fun to do and I hope it'll be fun to listen to.  Dan and John got me to tell some stories I haven't told before about how big companies get convinced to do new things (o More...

July 12, 2005

Podcast with Dan Bricklin

Dan Bricklin (one of my heroes as the inventor of VisiCalc) has invited me to joi More...

Podcasts on PulverRadio

A surprising number of you are apparently listening to podcasts of this blog produced with PulverRadio.  I’m about to resume podcasting with PulverRadio after a short hiatus caus More...

June 17, 2005

New Podcasts

My post on a nerd turned ceo hiring the first employees is available as a podcast here.  Forgive the oxymoron but my More...

June 04, 2005

Nerd CEO Podcast

My first post of advice to fellow nerd CEOs is now available as a podcast courtesy of VonRadio.


June 02, 2005

Entrepreneur Test Podcast

My post with a test for entrepreneuritis is now available as a podcast.


May 23, 2005

Decompiling Programmer-Speak Now in Podcast

My post on decompiling programmer-speak is now available as a podcast courtesy of Von Radio.


May 19, 2005

New Podcast

Last week's post on whether Internet Bubble Two is going to be better than Internet Bubble One is now also available as a podcast from Von More...

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