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October 04, 2017

Your Android Phone is Eavesdropping

Are the Russians listening too?

I’m getting paranoid about devices listening to me.

Gotham Gal recently blogged about friends who started to get ads f More...

May 01, 2017

Internet Fast Lanes

You may be surprised at who has them.

The Internet Association - lobbying organization for Internet giants like Google, Amazon and Netflix – is adamant that it is necessary to apply of 193 More...

January 06, 2017

PayPal Phone Phish – Be Careful

The caller ID said “PayPal” so I picked up the phone. A dulcet woman’s voice said: “Hello, this is PayPal automated phone confirmation system. Please enter your PayPal confirmation pin.” I hung up so fast that I dropped the phone.

This wasn’t especially tempting because I knew I hadn’t pa More...

September 28, 2011

Google Finds Nothing is Shovel Ready, Not Even for Free Fiber Build

"Regulation can get in the way of innovation. Regulations tied to physical infrastructure sometimes defer the investment altogether." – Kevin Lo, head of access at Google, as quoted in Total Telecom.

Google More...

August 16, 2011

Will Googlerola Be Able to Fight Data Caps?

"Is Google Turning Into a Mobile Phone Company?" asks the headline in Andrew Ross Sorkin's New York Times story. Wrong question, IMHO.

But is Google doing the deal at leas More...

August 03, 2011

Telecom2018 Notes

Skip this post if you're not deeply into telecommunications issues.

These are my notes from the Telecom2018 workshop held last week in Washington, DC. My recollection is much aided by live tweets with the hashtag #telecom2018, which is well worth reviewing for its comment thread but I am r More...

July 26, 2011

Reader Question: What Does the End of the PSTN Mean for DSL?

Customers are abandoning the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) for wireless and VoIP communication. The TAC (Technical Advisory Council) to the FCC (Federal Communication Commissi More...

July 15, 2011

Telecom 2018 Guest Post by Dan Berninger

The post below is by Dan Berninger who was one of the most important people behind the early spread of VoIP. Dan understands telecom like almost no one else. Opinions in this post are Dan's alone, but Dan's opinions are always worth listening to.

Dan's post:

Organiz More...

July 11, 2011

Reader Objection: The PSTN is Better than Wireless or VoIP

Last week I posted on a recommendation by the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that the FCC set More...

July 05, 2011

I Was Wrong and Sloppy to Blame Safari on the iPad for Viewing Problems

I was sloppy in my debugging and wrong to blame Safari on the iPad for problems we had viewing web pages on that device in my post The Empress' New iPad. Although iPad, as is well known, doesn't sup More...

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